Rediscover reading books

Are you one of the people that hate reading? Are you more of a person who would love to listen or get things done by doing some interactive way of learning something? Well, you are not alone with your preferences. Chances are you are already in the circle where none of your acquaintances is a reader, or even if they are, you are not. Actually, there are many people who used to hate reading and would avoid reading at any cost before they made a transgression and became book worms.

Well, if that does not sound so convincing and you for some reason required or want to become a more dedicated reader, then read on and find some of the best possible ways to actually become a good reader. Let’s see these steps in action.

Fix your mindset

This is one of the core things I want to put a lot of emphasis on. If you really want to become a book reader, better start over from within than to look outside for inspiration. What I mean by that is, if you consider yourself as someone as not being much of a reader, repeat telling to yourself how much you hate reading books, keep on believing that reading is not your thing, it is the high time to shut these ideas in your head.

The best thing you can do is to become aware of these negative affirmations and snap out of them with a tail of positive affirmations. Having a negative outlook on something you want to achieve subconsciously will put you in a position where you actually obstruct yourself from even a possibility to set an achievable goal. This is actually true for anything you would like to do in your life.

Your community

If you are constantly surrounded by people who hates reading, chances are you inherently become a “hate reading” person. There are even young people who hates reading and they think it is pretty cool trait they can have. It gives them some sort of identification that they justify in order to fit somewhere. Reading a book not only gives you a broad idea about something but actually establish new connections inside your brain that helps you to become a way smarter than average people who do not read. That is so because that part of their brain is not stimulated.

Take this environmental factor under serious consideration if you want to change your outlook towards a book and actually become a better reader and an insightful person.

Achievable goals

Setting achievable goals can keep you ahead of the non-reader stake. What I mean by an achievable goal is something that only you can truly know how realistic it is. Often times, we feel so motivated to do something that we go like “Man, I am on fire! I am going to pull it off this time!”. Then, you rush to a bookstore to grab a bunch of books. Unfortunately, when you come home, you just put them on the shelf and they become a history that is there to serve two purposes only, collecting dust and making you feel guilty or not good enough.

Imagine how unrealistic it is to blame a book that makes you feel down. Hopefullyl, you see the connection here. It is more of an achievable action that you need to take that you know is possible.

For instance, buy only one book and promise to build up the habit of reading one page a day for the next 30 days. According to the survey from various universities, it only takes 1 min for an average people to read a page of a book. How realistic is this now?

Build your reading habit

This point goes hand-in-hand with the point above. It is important to note that, several professors specialising in behavioural science and psychology have found that it is necessary to stick to something that you want to develop as your habit for 30 days. To simplify it, it takes only 30 days to build a habit of something and reading b. An actionable example would be, if you are coffee person, you can keep a book that you want to finish right by the coffee machine. This is how the cue-trigger-routine cycle of habit works. Every time you need coffee, a cue, you go to the coffee maker, see the book, a trigger, now for the routine either you pick up the book or leave it, this is routine.

With these steps mentioned here, you are high likely to soon become an avid reader over time who actually enjoy reading.

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  1. I woud like to build my reading habit. So far I read when I have time or inspiration

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