When postponing tasks can be useful?

We are all aware of the fact postponing tasks can be rather risky, especially when they are complex and require more time. If one does not know exactly how to solve a particular problem or work on a project, the process might take more time than he or she initially expected. Certainly, if the task has already been postponed, one is risking not to have enough time for working on it.

Still, postponing work can be a good thing in particular situations. This article will tell you more about them.

Working on a difficult project

We have already mentioned the situation in which one gets a difficult task to solve. On the one hand, it might be a good idea to start working on it right away. Yet, in many cases, people need some more time for creating interesting ideas and dealing with a problem in a more creative way. If this is what you would like to achieve, you might need a spare moment to come up with such ideas. As you can imagine, starting working on a project right away can just deprive you from a possibility of revealing your creativity.

In order to be creative and manage your time, you should give yourself an exact amount of time for thinking depending on the entire time given you for working on the problem. As you can imagine, it is still important to plan your work, so that you will avoid a situation in which you will really not have enough time for completing the task.

By the way, such an approach can be especially useful not only for students, but also for people who are already working. For example, it is very typical for clients to change their mind after giving a task or placing an order. In such situations, people who start working on a project right away might have to change the work afterwards.

The preparation for a presentation

One of the popular tasks students have to deal with are presentations. Feel free to change your presentation at the last moment. You might come up with new information and facts at the last moment and this is absolutely normal, because you need to keep your presentation up-to-date for your public.

In order not to be nervous about the fact your presentation still needs a final touch, you should just remember the key ideas you would like to tell to your audience.

It is recommended to finish work on your presentation at night before the day you are going to present. This will help your brain to systematise all of the information covered by such a presentation during your sleep.

Checking messages

Postponing checking messages is always a good idea whether you are a student or an employee. You can easily imagine how distracted you can get checking your mail regularly and especially, if you are used to respond to all of the messages right away. This can easily make you rather distracted and literally kill your productivity. In addition to it, coming up with an instant respond can make your messages to emotional. It is better to postpone responding to messages and think well about what you are going to write to another person so that you do not have to regret messaging the person back in the way you have done it.

In case you are waiting for some important information, you can at least look exactly on the names of the people who have sent you the messages. Respond immediately only to the ones which really require your full attention.